Monday, August 22, 2011

Less than stellar week...

So this past week hasn't been filled with awesome rides like the past few weeks have. After talking with C, we decided to try giving Jay off 2 days in a row instead of being off Tues/Thurs like I had been. I like this schedule, so we will see how it works for Jay. I also had been riding in my dress boots every day, but since they are all I have and there will be no second pair in the forseeable future, it's back to half chaps except for lessons. Also, my saddle had been out getting the billets replaced and I just got it back. Luckily, C had lent me a saddle while mine was being fixed, but it was much deeper and had larger knee rolls than my beloved Passier. Lot's of "different" things this week, so we shall take the bad with the good and hopefully this week is better.

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