Thursday, August 18, 2011

Much needed catch up with PICS!

Wow, I have been terrible lately with updates. Fortunately, it's mostly due to being so busy riding. The clinic was great and I have started taking lessons with C, who did the clinic. Due to some financial restraints, we've only had 2 lessons since the clinic. From now on we will be lessoning weekly.

There is a schooling show in the middle of September that we are looking at possibly doing Second-1 at. A bit nervous about that, but C thinks we can be ready. Just from my first lesson to the second, I can feel a huge improvement in both mine and Jay's strength. We are working on him really working his booty and being straight... need to clean up our leg yields and shoulder in this week. And I have found my horse has quite the promising medium canter! What an amazing feeling.

My bestie Ryan () was here last weekend and got some pictures and videos of us. Have to figure out how to post videos another time. She also rode Jay and it was great to see him ridden... they looked great together!!

Pics! Need to shed some lbs to get into shape with my boy.

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